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We import your microscope and your image-analysis software in your web browser to help you improve education, science and diagnosis in health and biomedical fields.

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Didier Cataldo, MD, PhD - Researcher and clinician

Université de Liège

Quantifications in histology are rapidly becoming complex and using histological scores can either induce bias or lead to inconclusive results. The use of Cytomine allowed us to perform unbiased and extremely reproducible quantifications of tissue tumors infiltrating tissues. With these high quality results, we save time, produce high quality results and decrease the number of replicates needed to address a biological process or mechanism.

Patsy Renard, PhD, Prof - Teacher

University of Namur

Cytomine helped me to modernise my teaching in histology to biologists, by providing them a funny way to learn histology with a virtual microscope. They just love it !

Frédéric Lambrechts - CEO


The viewer features of the Cytomine project have convinced our customers in using it as a library in their platform. The fact that it’s fully web-based, hasn’t got any footprint, covers an extensive range of image formats and has straightforward annotation tools are only a few of the benefits that we get as a feedback.

Helge Opedal - Senior ingeniør

University of Bergen

We think this software has a potential for our oral pathologists and students, and also for the countries we are collaborating with :)

Valérie Defaweux, PhD, MBA - Teacher

Université de Liège

Cytomine allows us to teach histology both in our campus and on a MOOC, allowing thousands of people to connect and explore whole slide images throw the web. Cytomine being able to connect with LMS like BlackBoard or OpenEdx, it was quite simple to manage users and activities between all theses platforms. Thanks to Cytomine we were able to completly change the manner histology was teached in our university.

Stephane Ketelaer - CEO

Telemis SA

Cytomine has allowed us to improve the functionality of our applications when managing mega-images. Their ability to develop specialized algorithms has also provided us with additional possibilities that are greatly appreciated by our customers. In short an excellent collaboration not only in matching the software to their needs, but also in the high quality of the human contacts.

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Open source internet application for collaborative analysis of multi-gigapixel images.

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