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  • Custom Installation

    Installation of a complete Cytomine platform configured to your needs.

    Availability: On demand

  • Configuration

    Configuration of your existing Cytomine platform, according to your needs.

    Availability: On demand

  • Features development

    Development of new features or modification of existing ones to better adapt Cytomine to your needs.

    Availability: On demand

  • Consulting & Planning

    Rely on a multidisciplinary team with experts in microscopy, virtual microscopy, machine-learning and techno pedagogy. The team at Cytomine is available to help you carry out your own comprehensive solution with all the necessary components and services.

    Availability: On demand

  • Customer-specific Machine Learning Algorithms

    Share your challenge and some slides for evaluation. We then detect and quantify your features of interest. After our feedback, you confirm the results and upload the rest of your images to Cytomine for analysis. Finally, you will manage your images and quantifications directly in Cytomine.

    Availability: On demand

  • Cloud Hosting

    Subscribe to one of our Cloud Hosting solution if you want to benefit from a Cytomine instance without having to manage its hosting. Our Cloud based hosted Cytomine are hosted on our servers located in Belgium. Your Cytomine will be fully dedicated to you, and will be maintained, monitored, and backuped on a daily basis.

    Availability: On demand