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In order to carry out your digital pathology workload you wish to easily access your patient's scanned slides, explore and annotate them anywhere at anytime and share sample features on-the-go with in-site and off-site pathologists.

Just as importantly, you may want computer assistance to analyze the content of your whole slide images and speed-up your quantifications to help you cope with your increasingly large caseload.

The Cytomine web platform helps pathologists at every step of their digital pathology workflow

Storage : the distributed and scalable whole-slide image storage system provides immediate web access to your archived image collection. Integration with slide scanners facilitates the management of your pathology caseloads (see footnote for the whole-slide image formats that are supported).

Collaborative annotation : seamless consultation and discussion between peers on whole-slide images during multidisciplinary team meetings. Off-site pathologists can participate actively in the meeting by annotating and describing features on a user-specific layer or passively by tracking other observation paths in real-time;

Human-assisted machine learning : tailored tools to assist your digital pathology workflow with the quantification of histological features and biomarker expression.

Review and report : a simple proofreading web user interface to review your annotations and quantification results and generate automatic reports tailored to your organization's needs.


  • Supported whole-slide image formats: JP(E)G, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, SVS, SVS, SCN, NDPI, VMS, MRXS, VSI.
  • Cytomine can be fully integrated into Telemis and Osimis PACS solutions.
  • Cytomine proposes slide scanning services.