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Cytomine Community Edition 2023.1 is out !

A new version of Cytomine Community Edition, the opensource version of Cytomine platform, has been released on this Tuesday 16th of May 2023.

This new major opensource version opens a new era for Cytomine platform : new way to install, refactoring of main components, new features, new version naming ...

The list of the changes compared to the last Legacy release are listed here below.

Instructions to install are as usual on https://doc.cytomine.org

Main changes

New way to install Cytomine

Some architectural changes have been made to bring more performance and security

  • CORE component has been moved from Grails to Spring Boot
  • Image Management Server has been moved from Grails to Python

New versionning

To differentiate from older versions using Grails, new versions of Cytomine Community Edition will now use a version that mentions the year of their release. This version being the first release of year 2023, it is called Cytomine Community Edition 2023.1.

New features related to images

  • Cytomine now support WSI DICOM format
  • Cytomine now support Z-stacks for OME-TIFF images
  • Cytomine now support multichannel images in OME-TIFF format

New way to manage data and images

  • All data and whole-slide images are now stored inside docker volumes


  • This version opens a new way to manage data within Cytomine. It is recommended for new projects starting from scratch, but not to upgrade projects already running any Legacy edition of Cytomine (version 2 or 3). Please contact us if you have such needs.
  • This version do not include any AI engine for the moment. This will be added in next release. So if you need to run AI within your Cytomine, please consider the last release of the Legacy edition of Cytomine (version 3).

Stay tuned

As annouced in the header, this new release opens a new era for Cytomine, and other products based on this CE 2023 are coming ...