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Join us for the Bigpicture Community Meeting

We are excited to invite you to the first Bigpicture Community Meeting, themed ‘The Digital Transformation of Pathology’. During the online meeting, Prof. Jeroen van der Laak, WP1 Bigpicture Project Coordinator, and Dr Julie Boisclair, WP1 EFPIA Lead, will explain the foundation of the Bigpicture project, and cover the status of the project’s work and future applications.

What is Bigpicture?

Bigpicture is a pioneering initiative aimed at revolutionizing artificial intelligence (AI) development in pathology through the development of a comprehensive repository for whole slide images in collaboration with 45 private and public partners.

Why you should attend

Not just ‘another’ presentation, this online meeting is a call to action for pathologists, researchers, AI developers, and industry stakeholders to join hands in creating a sustainable, inclusive platform that ensures the longevity and success of digital pathology. The Bigpicture Community Meeting is a great opportunity both for potential contributors and users of Bigpicture data and AI models. We will explore the project’s objectives, structure, and the opportunities it presents.

Event Details

Webinar highlights

The First Bigpicture Community Meeting serves as an introduction to the project’s aim of transforming digital pathology across Europe. Participants of the meeting will explore the opportunities that the Bigpicture project will provide for its future contributors and users. In short, the meeting will cover:

  • Introduction of Bigpicture
    • Purpose, objectives, project structure
  • Status of the project’s work
    • Architecture, security, tools, legal challenges, data
    • Sneak peek of the AI models, tooling enhancements, user interaction frameworks
  • Prospects and opportunities for organizations
    • Next steps, outline of future opportunities, platform sustainability

We look forward to welcoming you to the first Bigpicture community meeting that promises to be both informative and inspiring!

Warm regards,

The Bigpicture team