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400 Human Ileons

Open Access Image

Information about image: 

This tera pixels bigtiff image has been build by Cytomine cooperative by merging 400 identical whole slide images together using libvips.

This bigtiff image demonstrate that Cytomine allows you to share very large images, and explore them in a fluid way despite their size.

This image is a TIFF embeded pyramidal JPEG, compressed at 70% as in the SVS source image.

Calibration is 0.252 µm/px.

Information about source(s): 

This image has been build by Cytomine cooperative using HSM0170 human ileon image which is part of the histology.be collection of the URPhyM lab of University of Namur.

Information about licence(s): 

This work of the Cytomine cooperative is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Belgium License.

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  • Stain

    Masson's trichrome

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  • Resolution

    1107060 x 1054300

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